Shipping price for sending us your bundles will cancel out the shipping cost for returning your newly made wig to you 

We now offer a service where you can send us the bundles you have, in order for us to make them into a wig for you. This service can be accessed through sending us a message on our instagram page. This will allow us to communicate and get the correct specifications. 

we recommend that you send us a minimum of three bundles with either a closure or a frontal. The use of three bundles will allow the wig to have a good density and not look thin. 

Price List

  • Making the wig with your bundles and a closure: £35

  • Making a wig with your bundles and a frontal: £40

  • customisation of the made wig (baby hairs added and styled): +£5

  • clips to be added into the wig: +3

(All wigs will have the knots bleached unless instructed not to. This is done at no extra cost.)

(Styling includes having a parting put into the wig. This can be either middle or side.)

(All wigs come with elastic added in for extra support and security. This is done at no extra cost.)

Communication will take place through Instagram Direct Messaging. The price which you pay to have your bundles delivered to us will cancel out the shipping cost for us returning your wig to you. This therefore means that there will be no extra shipping costs from us to return your wig to you as you have already paid one shipping cost. 

Wig revamp

Shipping price for sending us your wig will cancel out the shipping cost for returning your wig to you

We offer a service where you can send us your already made wigs to be revamped.  We only accept real human hair wigs. We do not accept synthetic hair wigs for revamp. 

When you send us your wig we will deep condition and revive the natural pattern of the hair. If you wish we can change the pattern of the hair. (Eg. from straight to curly and vice versa). Revamping of the wig includes us fixing and reattaching any wefts that are lose and or falling out. If you request we can re-pluck the hairline. 

Any further requests can be made through Instagram direct message. 

Please note that at this given moment in time we do not offer hair colouring services (we do not dye hair) but this is a service we are working on. We will soon be offering this service in due time so please be patient with us. This service will take roughly 3-7 business days to be completed after we have received your bundles. 

When sending us your wig please include a slip of paper with your name on it and your instagram handle and order number on it, to make it easier for us to identify who sent us the wig and what you wish for it to be done to it.  We will message you on instagram to confirm with you that we have received your wig and to communicate with you to ensure that we do exactly what you want to the wig. 

Price List 

  • revamp of a wig £24 (includes all of the aforementioned services.)

  • Instagram