This section will provide you with a detailed guide on how to take care of the products which you have brought from our site. We provide these guides in order to help you take care of your products so that you can get the most use out of them. 

eyelash care guides

Please ensure that you regularly clean your lashes in order to get the most wear out of them, but also to avoid lash mites. By taking care of your lashes properly it ensures that your lashes last as long as possible (up to 26 wears). We recommend that you wash your lashes after every 3-5 uses. After every use we recommend that you remove the dried glue from the lashes in order to get the best application. 

When washing you're lashes, use warm water and a non-toxic lash safe cleaning solution. (If such a solution is not at hand a regular face soap will suffice.) Gently rub the solution/soap into the lashes to remove any makeup and glue. Ensure this is done gently in order to reduce the amount of fall out and also to preserve the shape of the lashes. When this step has been done rinse the lashes in warm clean water until the soap/solution is completely gone. We recommend that after this has been done you pat the lashes dry with a towel/cloth and then leave them to air dry. Furthermore, we recommend that you gently brush through the lashes with a spoolie in order to separate the hairs and maintain the lashes natural style.  

Wig Care Guide

Before washing your wig, you must detangle it in order to make the washing process easier. Once the wig has been detangled using a brush and combe you must wet the hair until it is fully submerged and completely drenched. Once this has been done you can take any shampoo of your choice to wash the wig. Thoroughly wash the wig and ensure the shampoo covers all of the hair and lace. When washing we recommend that you focus on the lace of the wig. Ensure that any glue and make-up that may be on the wig, is washed out, so that when it comes to re-applying the wig it will lay as if it were new. Furthermore, when washing, we recommend that you brush through the wig when washing to ensure that the shampoo is evenly distributed. 

Once you are satisfied with how washed the wig is, use warm/hot water to rinse out the shampoo.  We recommend that you repeat the shampooing process at least 3 times to ensure that the wig is thoroughly washed and that any dirt is removed. Once this has been done, you must condition your wig with any conditioner of your choice. We recommend that you use a generous amount of conditioner and ensure that the wig is over saturated. You can use a brush to help you evenly distribute the conditioner throughout the wig. Ensure that the lace of the wig has also been penetrated with conditioner, to help soften it and return it to its natural state. We recommend that you let the conditioner sit in your wig for 30-60 minuets, to allow the conditioner to penetrate the wig and soften the hair. When this time is up wash out the conditioner with warm/hot water. Ensure that all of the product has been washed out. 

Once this has been done you can either let the wig air dry or use a blow dryer and brush. Either method works well. It is all dependent on how fast you want the wig to dry and what style you are going for. Once the wig has fully dried you may style it to best suite you.